You’ve worked all semester on great projects and now it’s time to show them off! Submit your work for awards voted on by the design industry.

Undergraduate students from GIT, UX, or related programs (but enrolled in a GIT course) can submit work.

Deadline April 22, 2023

Submissions are closed for Spring 2023

The Rules

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Award Categories

Branding Systems & Campaigns

A collection of elements which work together to create unified, consistent, and flexible brand/campaign assets that communicate the brand/campaign value.


  • Branding Systems (logos, stationary, web, social media…)
  • Communication guides (logo, colors, typography, voice, tone, imagery…)
  • Cross-media campaigns (multi-channel outputs of a single topic/event)
  • Social Media campaigns (multi-channel outputs of a single topic/event)
  • Wayfinding systems

Motion Graphics & VFX

Narrative character-based or dynamic animations with any combination of computer-generated graphics, visual effects, text animations, or digital reproductions of drawn images.


  • Motion graphics
  • Storyboarding
  • Visual effects

Digital Products

Products viewed or interacted with via a browser on a computer, on a handheld device, or through a combination of interconnected surfaces and interaction models (web, mobile, kiosk, exhibit, game console).


  • Accessibility/SEO
  • Front-end development (HTML, CSS, JS...)
  • HTML Emails
  • User interface designs (PSD, AI, Sketch…)
  • User interface prototypes (XD, InVision, Figma…)

Illustrations & Composites

Single pieces or series of pieces that are hand drawn or digital. Composites or photo manipulations combine multiple images and/or vector elements into a new composition.


  • Abstract/Textures
  • Narrative/Character/Scenery
  • Editorial
  • Composites
  • Photo manipulations
  • Submissions should include your process and, if applicable, the various pieces you mashed up for your composite

Submissions Deadline 4/22/2023


Single image or series of related images that are photographic in nature-- images captured in camera images and edited (or not).


  • Abstract
  • Architecture
  • Commercial
  • Landscape
  • Portraiture
  • Product/Still life

Print & Digital Composition

Print or digital design output that excels in its layout and composition.


  • Layout design
  • Multiple elements composed into collateral
  • Submissions will likely include imagery, graphics and text, but are judged on the way they all come together
  • User Experience

    Documents aimed at developing a particular product, system or service considering a person's emotions, behaviors, and attitudes. This includes the practical, experiential, affective, meaningful, and valuable aspects of human–computer interaction.


    • Content Strategy
    • Information Architecture
    • Personas
    • Prototype
    • Research
    • Testing (Usability, Heuristics...)
    • Wireframes


    Cinematic or live action examples where at least one aspect was captured in camera.


    • Direction
    • Post-production video editing
    • Storyboarding
    • Video Capture
    • Visual effects